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Marcos Aguinis is an Argentine writer who was born in the province of Córdoba.
His need for artistic expression started in his adolescence: From the age of ten he practiced literature, music and plastic arts with remarkable tenacity. He wished to pursue a degree in Humanities, but he was...[ ]
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The Passion According to Carmela, a novel who win the entusiasm and the love of the readers all around the world.

The Passion According to Carmela is a captivating love story between a Cuban female doctor and an Argentine economist.  Their erotic and ideological vicissitudes are driven by a reality they cannot control, just like what occurred to Homeric characters. Invisible gods take part in their lives to intertwine their physical attraction and intellectual admiration, courage and fear, secrets and unexpected complicity. They build their difficult and beautiful love in one of the most turbulent and romantic scenarios of Latin American history. They swim with the current; they enjoy it and expand it. But they are also dragged by whirls that leave them breathless and turn their world upside down.  Aguinis’ titles tend to be paradoxical. However, for this novel, he has preferred to place an emphasis on the polysemy of the word “passion”. Passion which refers to love and also to the strength of ideals, suffering, pleasure, salvation and the yearning for freedom.  The emotional combat of the protagonists runs parallel to the bright dizziness of concrete situations. That is why suspense grabs the reader from the first to the last page.  A free-flowing, sweeping, and thrilling rhythm prevails in the text, similar to those of musical passions. It shouldn’t surprise anybody that this novel –where the voices of the female protagonist, her lover, and the omniscient writer alternate- has been written according to Bach's counterpoint model. From a distance, ineffable, the epic of another war where liberators sang to a different Carmela, also a torch, also passion, still resounds. Aguinis draws his creatures skillfully and renders them indelible. His ability in the handling of feelings does not leave a line empty of poetry or consequences. His extremely accurate style turns this work –located in exceptional times- into one of the best love stories which mark the course of literature.

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